Photo Tips for HomegrownHandmade website!

Photos will play a big part in making this a great website. Please use the suggestions below to help you make appropriate photo choices and submit them correctly.
Choosing a Good Photo
The image you choose will be small on the web site, so pick a photo with a large subject, if possible. Example: A building on a broad landscape may not show up well…or at all…when reduced to the necessary size (see example below). A closer shot would work better. Close-ups of art objects, farm produce, people, architectural features, natural subjects, etc. may be good choices. Shots of crowds or groups may work, in some cases. Just imagine your photo or image about the size of the sample images shown and use your own judgment as to whether yours would work. To make photos look best, we need to start with a larger photo and edit it down.

Quality of photos
Please make sure the photo, slide or computer file you choose is in very good focus (unless it’s supposed to be fuzzy for artistic purposes). Also make sure it is well lit, and has good color.

must own any image you release for use on this web site, or have documented permission from the owner to release it for use on this web site. 

Slides and hard copies of photos will not be returned, so please make sure you have a copy for yourself!

Sending Images to Us
Slides or hard copies of photos should be properly packaged and mailed to HomegrownHandmade, PO Box 35, Jamesville, NC 27846. They will NOT be returned.

If possible, please email your photo The subject line should include HomegrownHandmade photo (to prevent it from being deleted as junk mail!) and you MUST include your site's name (as it will appear) and the county where it is located in the first part of the email! Otherwise, we will not know how to link your photo with your site information in the database.

Electronic images should be sent in .jpg format. You can send the raw photo, as it comes out of your camera. We would rather have a large photo to crop and edit.  If you are scanning a photo, set the dpi at 150 and keep at the original size if the photo is no larger than 4 x 6 inches.

If you are sending a file you have taken with a digital camera, just send the original file, as is. 

If you have questions about how to send digital images, please send an email or call 252-792-5495. DO NOT hesitate to ask any question you may have about this web site.  Really!

Thanks and Good Luck!

Deane Phelps