Wayne, Greene, Lenoir and Jones County

he slow, strong currents of rural life flow throughout this trail. Find it in a field full of cattle or in an antique tractor museum. See its quirky side at a pickle festival or in a coon mule jump. Be calmed by the rhythm of an ancient creek paddle or amused by a hike where whiskey stills were once federally operated.

Capture this trail’s essence in its hearty cuisine…a tender, buttermilk biscuit made fresh each morning at a local diner; a plate of succulent pork barbecue, or a golden orange sweet potato dripping rich juices and melting butter. Greens and beans and kernels of corn in season arrive fresh from local growers to small diners and unique restaurants where food nourishes more than the body.

Rural at its core, Creeks, Cooking & Culture highlights the icons cherished in country life, but often with a twist. Hunting includes traditional English foxhunts, complete with a Tally Ho wagon. You’ll find quilters and chainsaw sculptors as well as model ship builders and internationally acclaimed seascape painters. A wooded setting reveals a rustic gift shop of fine gold and silver jewelry alongside other handcrafted items from around the globe. Nationally known jazz artists play on the same stage as country fiddlers.

This trail has the recipe for the best stew of the necessary, the beautiful and the just, plain fun. Plan your visit today by clicking on the map or the drop down list of towns at right, or the subject buttons at left.


Scenic Byways
Photo Credits:
Canoe photo: Karen Mulcahy
Bass Fiddle player,:
The Grass Cats, courtesy Tom Sapp Photography
Chainsaw Art:
Jeff Lee
Hunt Rider: Triangle Hunt Club
Mule Jump: Eastern Carolina Regional Horse Festival
Quilt: Lenoir County Arts Center
Model Ship: 
Frank Gaskill





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