Columbus, Brunswick and New Hanover County

rip the lights fantastic along this trail. You’ll think you’re on the set of a movie (and you could be!) with breathtaking views like shimmering ocean sunsets, picturesque lighthouses, sun–dappled pathways under graceful live oaks, fragrant, sun-warmed fields of flowers and herbs, and even some planetarium stargazing.

Savor a succulent seafood dinner on a romantic riverboat. Get a new perspective from a battleship’s bridge. Tackle the waves straight from the beach, or contemplate the ripples in an arboretum pond. Pack a picnic basket full of road stand goodies…ripe, juicy berries, fresh herb-infused cheeses, a luscious tomato sandwich, and a bottle of sparkling local wine. Now paddle down a blackwater creek for a lunch you won’t forget!

Looking for action?  Pick your type…laid back or lively. Stop in at a nursery and plant your own salad bowl (compete with herbs and edible flowers.) Take in a concert at elegant Thalian Hall. Witness a NASPig Race (you did a double-take on that one, didn’t you!) Feel the cool fall breeze from a hayride around the farm. Stomp your feet and make wine—or clog a double toe step at a bluegrass festival. In fact, the festivals on this trail cover the map in food, fun, agriculture and art. Celebrate everything from azalea blossoms, strawberries, oysters, watermelon and yams as well as jazz, blues, films, Native American culture… you get the picture!

Now make yourself the star of this production. Plan your excursion into Lights…Waves...Action! today. Choose your starting point from the Trail Overview, the map or the drop–down list of towns at right.



Scenic Byways
Photo Credits:
Jazz Guitarist Courtesy
Painting (left) -Middle Sound Mooring by John Poon / Walls Gallery, Wilmington
Riverboat Photo Courtesy Willmington Star-News





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