Sampson, Duplin, Onslow and Pender County

rot from turf to surf across this rambling trail. Take your pick of riding modes and settings: under the moonlight, down by the seaside, over a woodland trail, bouncing in a buggy or snuggled in a hayride. You can ride at working homesteads, annual fairs, riding stables, adventure parks and cozy campgrounds along this trail. But riding, even in its many modes, is just one of the fun things to do on this colorful corridor.

This trail will have you seeing red for sure. You’ll find it in luscious ripe strawberries, baskets of scarlet geraniums, lovely hand painted pottery, and unique Christmas ornaments just right for gift-giving (or a little self-indulgence).

White shows up in many shades: creamy Gouda cheese, pale scuppernong wine, slippery white oysters, fragrant homemade soaps, and the vanishing froth on an ocean wave. 

Maybe you prefer blues. Try ‘em played as sassy notes at a local music festival, rolled around as a mouthful of plump blueberries, or splashed in designs on a hand made pitcher. See them stained deep into the grape stompers’ feet at the harvest festival or take the sparkling blue-green sea home with you in a local artist’s original seascape.

And they all come together— the red, white and blues—in places like the Missiles and More Museum where you’ll discover that the nation’s rocket program began at Topsail Beach.

From hair-raising hollers at Spivey’s Corner to seaside galleries at Surf City, you’ll find Homegrown Handmade experiences for every age and interest. Use the drop down Towns List at upper right or click on the map and start planning your trip today.


Scenic Byways
Photo Credits:
Horses in pasture by Lin Nichols
Art, Dancers by Ivey Hayes
Grapes from Duplin Winery
Spivey Corner's Hollerin' Contest
Horse Riding





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