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rom small town charm to life on the farm, Scenes of the Sandhills offers quiet relaxation amid longleaf pines, rolling greens of world-class golf courses, peach orchards and quaint shops that present the best of North Carolina.

Although the Sandhills area is recognized as the home of the Pinehurst Resort, regarded as one of the most prestigious golfing -destinations in the world, the region enjoys a unique combination of activities that blend art and the tranquil beauty and robust agriculture of the region.

Scenes of the Sandhills also highlights the artistic importance of the North Carolina pottery tradition. With roots tracing back to the mid-18th century, living potters in Moore County still use local clays; ash, salt and alkaline glazes, and wood-fired kilns. Works by contemporary potters, including the Owens family, demonstrate the tradition and longevity of materials, techniques and even forms of North Carolina pottery.

Visit pottery studios where works vary in shape, color and size. Yet each pot is sculptural—a work of art—in its form and composition.

Take part in a workshop for pottery, painting and woodworking. Indulge your taste buds with fresh from the farm produce and delicious home baked dishes and goodies. The area’s rich soil and moderate climate produce juicy peaches. Orchards offer yummy peach products from homemade ice cream to preserves.

Create beautiful jewelry in a beading workshop in Wadesboro or learn how to plant a tree at one of the local nurseries. Touch handspun yarn, taste fresh goat milk cheeses and homemade ice cream, or pick up soybean candles and emu oil lotions for aromatherapy at home.

Day trip or long weekend, the Sandhills is an off the beaten path treasure that features home cooked, hand cut homegrown fun. Use the drop down menu of towns and the map at the right, or search by category using the links on the left.


Scenic Byways
Photo Credits:
Longleaf Pine Forest –

Ken Taylor  Wildlife Images
Bagpiper – St. Andrews Presbyterian College
Pottery – Ben Owen Pottery
Peaches– Bynum Farm & Nursery

Pottery Kiln–
Cady Clay Works
Lamb – Westmoore Pottery Jewelry – JLK Jewelry





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