Caswell, Franklin, Granville, Person, Vance and Warren

earning for a soul-satisfying, natural experience? Create your own with these organic farms, handmade crafts, and lush, rolling landscapes.

Get closer to your food sources with a walk (carefully done) in pastures of free-range chicken, hogs and cattle. Stroll between beds of fragrant herbs and luxuriant vegetables. Take in the waves of color at nurseries, gardens and greenhouses.

Watch in fascination as a piece of wood becomes a dulcimer. Enjoy tasty treats made from the marriage of goat’s milk and fresh herbs. Delight to the fragrance of handmade soaps, or the simple life stories illustrated in colorful folk art or graceful Native American pottery.

Pack a pimento cheese sandwich, some hand-selected berries and a jug of sweet tea and head off to find the perfect picnic spot. That’s not easy on this trail…only because there are so many: lakeside landscapes, farm paths, panoramic gardens-by-the-pond, and more. Don’t forget the camera! You might want to prove that you saw a pumpkin slingshot or a herd of the world’s smallest cattle.

Trace the journey from gifted growers to inspired artisans and wonder at the resourcefulness and creativity needed for each. You’ll connect with the circle and extend your experience by taking home an original work of art or a basket filled with mouth-watering goodies. And don’t forget those photos.

Click on the drop down list of towns or the map at right and plan your trip today. It’s a natural!


Scenic Byways
Photo Credits:
Vista: Photo by Linda McGloin
Folk Art: Ruth Russell Williams
Goat: Sleepy Goat Farm
Pottery: Senora Richardson Lynch

Cows: Baldwin Family Farms
Dulcimers: Ridgeway Dulcimer Shoppe
Flower Barrel: Lynch Creek Farm & Antiques






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