Halifax, Northampton, Hertford, Gates County

ravel this trail and be prepared for surprises. Contrasts are everywhere. You’ll find examples of delicate beauty and utilitarian strength.

Whose strong hands created these intriguing porcelain pots?  What level of aggravation brought about these effective—and very creative— mousetraps?

You’ll see something as refined as a rare example of neo-classical wall coverings, or as sturdy as a locally, hand—wrought butcher’s hook. You’ll delight to the voices of a musical ringing out near a lush rural landscape.

Within the same day, you can look down from a mountain cliff and paddle around moss-covered cypress trees in an old millpond. You can even run a rapids—and it’s not at the mountain.

In a single 19th century landmark you’ll find both the graceful curve and enduring strength of the Roanoke Canal’s stone archway. A colorful Native American basket illustrates the marriage of beauty to perfect functionality.

Something as small as a peanut can cause a whole town to celebrate and a watermelon seed can inspire an Olympic-worthy spitting competition!

Plan your trip to the Music, Millponds and Mousetraps trail, today!  Use any of three aids to trip planning: trail towns list from the drop down box at upper right, Trail Overview at right, or click on the map at right. See you there!


Scenic Byways
Regional Perspective
Photo Credits
Merchants Millpond by
Jim Brickett
Teapot by Doug Eubank
Phonograph & mousetrap courtesy of the Brady C. Jefcoat Museum of Americana, Murfreesboro, NC



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