Beaufort, Hyde, Martin, Tyrrell, Washington

hat rock is not hard, hides its stripes in water, and often ends up in a muddle? A rock fish, of course. And a muddle is just another name for a stew.  Rock Stew Ramble is like a riddle. Follow it and find  things that are more than they seem. 

What waving bands of purple, pink, red and gold could look like a shimmering sunset reflected in the Pamlico Sound.

Which piercing light leads ships safely ashore and which pays homage to days gone by?

Will those crab pots bring in a fisherman’s livelihood or be garden art next to the marigolds?

Find sharks’ teeth in a field. Visit a lake that grew giant corn. Tap your toes to a different kind of  “island” music on Ocracoke. Discover a church where quilts occupy the pews.

Like the stone soup of the old story, Rock Stew Ramble begins with a watery blend of unlikely elements that become a rich, satisfying stew. 

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