Bertie, Chowan & Perquimans County

o get the real sense of this place, drive with your windows least for a while. 

Let the summer perfume of honeysuckle and wisteria stir your sensuous side. (Maybe you won't need that prescription!) 

During harvest season, the unmistakable aroma of freshly dug peanuts will send you searching for a big bucket of the  tasty treats. You won't look long. There's plenty of 'em at  roadside stands and sidewalk shops loaded with personality, great food and handmade treasures. 

Stop in at a local gallery and discover a new artist. Be inspired by the motion of a woven metal sculpture or the music of a glass  wind chime. Let the eyes in a portrait speak to you.

This is open farm country. It spreads out between small towns and communities, each with a unique personality.  Sample them all and at the end of the day, think back on your experiences while relaxing in a friendly B&B. Pick a rocker on the front porch and listen to the music of the katydids or the crowd  cheering for a home run at a baseball game just down the street. No matter where you start on this trail, you'll find interesting characters, delightful talent and a genuine welcome waiting for you. 

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Scenic Byways





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